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​Welcome to the site for career guidance

  • Have you or your child lost the desire and pleasure in what you do?
  • Or are you dreaming of a career move but need the courage to jump into new adventures?
  • Or maybe you need the motivation to continue your university studies?​​

Then you have come to the right place.

Below you can read more about the career guidance we offer.

You might have asked yourself one or more of the following questions:​

  • What do I actually want to do in and with my life?
  • What do I REALLY want to achieve with my life?
  • Why am I insecure or unmotivated?
  • How can I find and realise my own goals in life?
  • What is it that prevents me from achieving my goals?
  • What can help my unmotivated, confused and puzzled teenager?

​People of all ages ask themselves these questions.

Some people need guidance and focus. Others do not feel satisfaction or are missing a feeling of achievement. Perhaps some people need a specific education plan or career direction, or they are insecure on the one they already have. A lot of people are insecure in relation to how they can achieve their dreams, both career wise and education wise.

Based on the “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” program, Klaus “Bello” Bellmann offers career guidance customised to your specific needs.

“Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” is about more than just good advice. You can get good advice for free from friends and family. “Your Right Career”/Foundations of Brilliance” is about self-knowledge and understanding and the program provides you with the tools to create your own path to success.

Quote from a former “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” client:

“Thank you for changing my life – you didn’t make it easier, in fact you made it more difficult, BUT MUCH MORE INTERESTING”

he program explores in depth your talents, your personality and your goals in life and tries to combine them to find the answer to one very important question: What is the right path for me?

About Bernard Percy and “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance”

The “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” program is founded by the American educator, writer and lecturer Bernard Percy. In collaboration with his partner Lee Eichenbaum, Bernard Percy has helped thousands of clients in more than thirty countries rediscover their passion for life and achieve success.

Klaus “Bello” Bellmann (picture above to the left) is the president of “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” in Western Europe. He has been personally trained and appointed by Bernard Percy (founder of the program) and offers the career guidance programs customised to your specific needs.

“Bello” also trains qualified persons all around Western Europe to become certified “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” consultants.

“Bello” has all in all given and supervised hundreds of succesful career consultations, e.g. to Joy Villa’s husband (which Joy Villa specifically mentions in the video above) who is now a highly successful international writer and photographer. You can see some of his works on

You can read more about “Your Right Career”/”Foundations of Brilliance” here and here.​​

Klaus “Bello” Bellmann offers coaching sessions as a day course.

Price per hour: DKK 820

​Package price for the entire consultation

​(approx. 6 – 10 hours): DKK 7450

Personal sessions are offered both in person and online.

We offer a tailor-made course based on YOUR challenges.

Contact us at Study House for more information or book a free, no-obligation consultation.

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