Business english

Business English – perfect your business communication​

​Communication is the key to successful business – that means being confident in, and proud of, your English ability. Whether you are communicating in person, over e-mail, in a video conference, or giving a presentation, we want to remove language as a barrier to your success and give you the tools to unlock your potential.

How do we do that?
We give you two options that can be tailored to your specific needs and level, starting with a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Business Communication Training

Develop your general Business English communication skills.

A 10 hour course that will give you confidence in communicating with others in English in your professional life and the skills to navigate any awkward language situation that might arise. This course is perfect for those who want to improve in written or spoken English, want a better understanding of business culture in English speaking countries, and want to learn the little differences that make all the difference.

Topics covered include:

  • ​Formality in speaking and writing
  • ​E-mail writing and other written correspondence
  • ​Confidence in speaking on the phone, in person, in meetings
  • ​Conversation strategies for small talk, handling miscommunications

​Length: 10 hours -session lengths that fit you
​Cost per course: 1-4 people 7.500 DKK

5-10 people 10.000 DKK

Business Presentation Training

Develop, edit, and practice your business presentations.

This short course will fully prepare you to deliver your next presentation with confidence and teach you skills for excellence in future presentations. This course is perfect for those who have to make a presentation in English and are feeling uncertain or nervous, or simply for those who want to practice their delivery with a native speaker.

Topics covered include:

  • ​Editing and improvement of an existing presentation
  • ​Practice in spoken delivery including pronunciation, speed, tone, and projection
  • ​Full presentation review including timing, presentation techniques, and body language

Length: 3 hours​ – 2 x 1.5 hour or full 3 hours

Cost per person: 2000 DKK



Perfect your English with James

​I am an experienced English language teacher from New Zealand, with a great passion for helping you to achieve your goals.

​My background includes market development, retail, school-based general/academic/business English courses, the Aviation industry, academic and business editing, and many more areas.

Together we will meet your needs and remove language as a barrier to your success.

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